Gosia (shorter and more merciful than Malgorzata) is a Polish-Lemkos cinematographer and photographer based in London. 

In 2013 she finished her Photography and Multimedia BA at Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Poland graduating with her first short film Kolekcja. During her BA she completed a residency at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands where she was pursuing fine art media as a bridge between still and moving image. In 2014/15 she attended European Film College in Denmark and after graduating she joined the college staff as teaching assistant and equipment manager. In 2017 she graduated from Bournemouth University with MA in Cinematography for Film and Television.

Her long academic journey left her with Slavic soul and Scandinavian aesthetic. Enamoured with classical painters like Hammershøi or Wyeth she likes to incorporate fine art influences into her light design. When not staring at paintings she moonlights as a gaffer and works as a lead stores technician for film&TV department at University of Greenwich. Currently she is finishing her debut as a cinematographer on a feature film in London and Denmark.